Our Team

Robin Garrett


Robin was a partner at two major Edinburgh law firms for 25 years before he escaped in 2010. A strategic thinker and straight talker, Robin’s diverse portfolio of business interests includes real estate holdings in the UK, US and South Africa as well as non-executive roles with property investment and advisory companies. He is also a governor of a London school, a Trustee of a Scottish based charity and he somehow also squeezes in time to follow football and play golf.

Contact Robin at rg@solsatwork.co.uk.

Robin Garrett - Chairman

Caroline Myles

Managing Director

Caroline was one of the founders of the business in 2011. She has over 25 years of experience in cashroom work and became SOLAS qualified in 1991. Such extensive knowledge in this extremely specialist area makes Caroline our go-to person for businesses who need top-level expertise. Outside the office, Caroline devotes all her time to her family and her energy to muddy mountain biking with her two teenage children.

Contact Caroline at cm@solsatwork.co.uk.

Caroline Myles - Managing Director

Shirley Mellon

Senior Manager

Transforming disorganised books in to A-star accounting systems gives Shirley immense job satisfaction. She gained her SOLAS qualification in 2011 and relishes the daily challenges her work throws her way - the messier the books, the better. Shirley is a voracious reader of crime novels and has killer instinct when it comes to computer games.

Contact Shirley at sm@solsatwork.co.uk.

Shirley Mellon - Senior Manager

Sheila Colford


Sheila has worked in cashrooms since 1993 and gained SOLAS accreditation in 2006. She likes problem solving - so she's now in the right place! Sheila has a varied life away from the office. She enjoys walking her 3 dogs with her partner, caravaning, cooking and trying new dinner recipes. In addition, Sheila has organised many charitable and social events including abseiling, white water rafting and quizieokes!

Contact Sheila at sc@solsatwork.co.uk

Sheila Colford - Manager

Barbara Hay


A stickler for detail, Barbara will not stop until she sees every project completed and every book balanced. She’s proud of her pristine work and can spot a misplaced decimal point at 20 paces. Barbara’s idea of relaxation is taking part in adrenaline-pumping extreme sports such as canoeing and rafting with her son and daughter.

Contact Barbara at bh@solsatwork.co.uk.

Barbara Hay - Manager

Beth Jamieson


Joining Solutions at Work straight from school, Beth quickly became an invaluable member of our team. She’s so up-to-speed with all things IT that we call her Mrs Google – ask her anything and, after a quick glance at her phone, she has the answer. Beth enjoys working out to 90s aerobics and she has become and enthusiastic and expert glowstick waver.

Contact Beth at bj@solsatwork.co.uk.

Beth Jamieson - Manager

Tia Kelly

Trainee Manager

Tia is our trainee manager and she enjoys the fast paced environment she is working in and is committed to learning and to providing her clients with a first class service. When she's not working, Tia enjoys exploring new countries, camping and fishing with her Grandad and spending time with her friends and family. She also loves animals.

Contact Tia at tk@solsatwork.co.uk

Tia Kelly - Trainee Manager

Jacqueline Kinnear


As a former legal secretary and paralegal, Jackie brings wide experience to our team. She joined us because she was looking for a new challenge and she loves the satisfying sense of achievement at the end of another busy day in the office. As long as she has a notebook and a to do list she is organised and ready to go! OUtside the office, Jackie enjoys spending time with her husband and coastal walks with her Border Collie as well as card making, jewellery making and other crafts.

Contact Jackie at jk@solsatwork.co.uk

Jacqueline Kinnear - Manager

Jeanette Lowe


Jeanette has worked in legal cashiering since 1993 and throughout her career her enthusiasm and pride in her work have never wavered. Jeanette insists that the job’s not done until it’s immaculate. Walking is one of Jeanette’s favourite hobbies, and we don’t mean gentle strolls but gruelling, blistering 15-milers to fundraise for cancer and MS charities.

Contact Jeanette at jl@solsatwork.co.uk.



Jeanette Lowe - Manager

Emma MacDonald

Trainee Manager

Emma joined us straight from school and quickly became a valued member of our team. She really enjoys the focused, hard working environment of our office. She loves challenging herself and is always trying to learn from others. Away from the office, Emma enjoys driving (although it took her many attempts to pass her test!) and spending time with her dog. 

Contact Emma at em@solsatwork.co.uk

Emma MacDonald - Trainee Manager

Linda Williamson


Having worked as a cashier for over 25 years, Linda has seen and solved every client problem imaginable. Meticulously organised, nothing pleases her more than balanced books at the end of a busy settlement week. Away from the office, Linda loves travelling with her two teenage sons to sunny European destinations (and wherever Take That are performing).

Contact Linda at lw@solsatwork.co.uk.

Linda Williamson - Manager


  • “We are impressed by Solutions because of the qualifications of the personnel. Shirley is dedicated to our account and the relationship works well. If it wasn’t for the fact that there are some things that Shirley cannot do from a distance such as the daily banking of cheques, we wouldn’t know she wasn’t actually in our building.”

    John Cumming, Partner, Ennova Law, Edinburgh
  • A fast, reliable and friendly service - helping to keep us on the straight and narrow!

    Mike Nellany, Partner, Nellany & Co, Ayrshire
  • "We have used Cashroom Solutions for some years now and have always received such prompt and efficient service that it is just as if we still have an in-house cashier. Beth is super efficient and friendly - she feels like our own collegue."

    Scott Campbell, Director, The Chamber Practice, Dundee